Cost of Living In Italy


Italy, a country located in Southern Europe, is one of the most picturesque cities that you will see. True enough, it is one place that has the highest number of heritage sites with so many attractions found almost everywhere. You will see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, islands, beaches, vineyards and a couple of museums that you will never get enough of. This country is definitely where you have always dreamt of living.

How about the cost of living in Italy? How much does it cost to live in Italy compared to the United States?

The economy of Italy is one of the strongest in the world (ranks 7th). Economic freedom can be found here for businesses, trading and investments. Italy is known for fashion and the numerous luxury designers that have evolved here. Besides from this, luxury jewelry and vehicles are also known in Italy. You may be familiar with Armani, Valentino, Dolce ad Gabbana, Ferrari, the Lamborghini and Pagani. These are all the products of Italian geniuses that have made an impact in the world.

As you may already expect, living in Italy is quite expensive. They have a high cost of living which you should be aware of. You would be surprised at how expensive things are here. The currency in Italy is the Euro (€). The rate at present is at 1Euro = 1.45 USD. How expensive is living in Italy? Tourists may spend as much as €50 to €150 a day here in Italy. For residents, this may vary a little.

Housing Costs

In Italy, housing costs can be a little expensive for residents. Since this is tourist destination, there are a couple of cheap apartments but there are also luxurious apartments that you can live in. Renting in Italy can cost your around €800 to €2,500 per month. These are the typical prices for a regular apartment here. For more luxurious condominiums, these are even prices higher. There are some which are paid for €10,000 per month which is really very expensive.

Transportation Costs

One advantage of living n Italy is that the transportation is very accessible. There are buses and metro rails that pass by the city and bring you wherever you want to. For a one-way ticket, you may have to spend around €1.50 to € 2 for one. When you purchase a monthly pass, you will be able to save since these are sold for € 35 each. For renting a car, you have to pay $50 a day. Or if you do own a car, gasoline prices are high at €4 per gallon. More or less, a budget of €130 per month for transportation is already enough.

Average Cost of Monthly Utilities

The average cost of monthly utilities depends on where you live. There are apartments which already include these in the monthly fee. But more or less, these cost around €250 to €400 per month. This already includes the electric, gas and the water bill. If you want to have a cheaper cost for your monthly utilities, you can try to save on your electric and water consumption. For the telephone bill, it may cost your around $ 30 per month. For a decent internet connection, you can already get one with a rate similar as this.

Cost of Maid Services

Just as everything is expensive in Italy, maid services are also one of them. It is not practically to hire full-time maids here, just a drop-in maid service will do. Full-time maids are paid around €1,500 per month here. It is really that expensive so you can just hire one that offers daily services instead. Maids are usually paid €200 per day for overall cleaning services. This is something that is not that necessary especially if you are trying to save more money.

Cost for Food and Drinks

Cost for the food here in Italy I at around €200 to €500 per month. This is only for groceries alone. Eating out is very expensive when you are in Italy. For mid-range restaurants, meals are sold at €50 to €100 per person. Fish as well as agricultural products such as fresh fruits and vegetable are expensive because of the taxes. Fish is approximately €3 per pound for mussels and clams these cost €5 per pound.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare in Italy is quite impressing since these are known for the high-standard facilities here. Doctors and hospitals are the best when it comes to healthcare. For all public Italian hospitals, services are completely free. Getting a health insurance may be a smart move to make when you live here. Try getting a health insurance can cost around €200 to € 300 per month. It is better to get a private insurance to have the best offer for the benefits here. Though it may be a little expensive, you are more sure when you get one for your health.

Cost of Clothing

Known to have the best clothing in the whole world, you may find the latest trends here in Italy. You will have everything that you need here. From tops, bottoms and even undergarments, you will have fun whenever you shop in Italy. Spending for clothes cost around €200 for an average person living here. For those who can afford it, people spend as much as €10,000 whenever they go out for shopping.

Italy is one expensive place to live in. Before you live here, you need to be sure that you set a budget. You can live at around €2,000 to €3,500 per month when you here. Just make sure that you never overspend. Thinking about it, Italy is a very exciting place so whatever it takes for you to live here is definitely worth it.

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