Cost of Living In Australia


Australia is one of the unique places that you will see on Earth. This is known as a country that has the whole continent to its own. For a continent, its size is actually small but for a country, Australia is pretty big. Australia is one interesting destination for you to stay in. In here, you can find so many natural wonders but still be able to experience a highly urbanized life. See the wildlife, the Outback, the exotic species living here. Landmarks such as the Open House in Sydney, Sydney Harbour and the Uluru are great destinations to visit here. This is how diverse life is here in Australia. Let us take a closer look at the cost of living in Australia?

With a reputation as a highly developed country, Australia currently has a multicultural society. Comparing it with other international powers, Australia has a remarkable quality when it comes to life, health care, life expectancy, economy, political right and civil freedom. There is no doubt that life here is good. Consider living in Australia and discover a new life here. With more excitement and diversity, you will definitely enjoy is this place. The most popular cities where people move to in Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

How much does it cost to live in Australia?

Housing Costs

Housing offered in Australia caters to the different target markets. People can choose a certain housing option based on their way of living. Renting an apartment is a good way to start when you migrate to Australia since it is practically cheaper but most apartments are in good shape.

Rental usually costs around $500 to $600 AUD per month. Since renting is not really common here, you can always get your home. In the long run, owning your own home is possible in Australia. Homes cost around $300,000 to $500,000 in the major cities here. This will give you around $400 to $800 per month. Owning a home here is a great option when you are in Australia. Cost of homes is not a problem when you choose to live in this place.

Transportation Costs

Transportation is another thing that you should consider in Australia. You may not have your car when you live here. Taxis are available in Australia which cost a lot cheaper than renting a car. Car rentals usually cost around $140 AUD per day which is really expensive. Buses are also available in Australia for public transport. These are the cheapest and the most convenient way to travel in Australia wit tickets costing around $3 AUD. You can expect around $200 to $250 AUD for transportation costs in Australia.

Average Cost of Monthly Utilities

Water and electricity is not as expensive compared to European countries in Australia. The average family in Australia will usually pay around $200AUD per month. For individuals or couples, you can expect to pay around $100 to $150 AUD. This is not really that expensive when you are here in Australia.

Cost of Maid Services

Maid Services are actually needed if you want to keep your home clean all the time. The typical salary of maid services in Australia costs around $300 per month. These maid services often offer complete services for cleaning. It is up to you whether you want your whole home cleaned or if you just want certain jobs done.

Cost for Food and Drinks

Meals in Australia are basically cheaper. In month, the average family in Australia spends around $800 per month for food. This includes groceries as well as eating out. Foods here like lamb or meat can be bought locally for an affordable price. Fish is also available locally but in cities near the sea, prices of fish may vary depending on their catch. Milk, dairy products, fruits and vegetables are widely available. These are very cheap in Australia. As for imported commodities, these can be a bit expensive.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare in Australia has first world standards. The health services here are actually subsidized. Residents are provided with financial assistance when it comes to medical services and medications. Around 10% of the per capita GD of Australia is actually directed to the health sector. Insurance costs for healthcare is very affordable with around $75 to $100 AUD per month.

Costs for Clothing

Clothing expenses in Australia are practically cheap especially when buying locally made products. You can set around $150 to $300 AUD budget per month when you are here. Try shopping for local brands if you want to save but imported brands are worth it when you buy them. Flea markets are also found here so you can check these places for cheaper clothing.

Australia is indeed an affordable place to live in compared to other countries in general. The cost of living in Australia is quite similar to the United States but a way cheaper compared to Europe. The currency used by Australia is the Australian Dollar (AUD). 1 AUD costs around 0.925 USD and 0.63 Euros. Cost of living here is quite cheaper which makes it a great place to live in.

Australia will be a great location when you want to live here. With so many things in store for the residents, you will definitely have a great time here. There is no need to worry about your expenses in Australia. For a country like this, you will surely find life very enjoyable here.

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