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  1. i would like to know is the south korean is good for retire to live there i from america citizen

  2. Hi there,

    Isn’t $200/month for maid service low?? I know the cost of living is alot lower than then say north america but what is that like $1 / hour?

    Is that b/c if she lives in the home you are paying for all of her expenses

    I don’t really understand – I keep hearing $150-$250/month for a full-time or live-in maid and it just seems low. Please explain – Also how common is it to have a maid in latin america?

    thank you

  3. I am interested in the purchase of a property from you. I hope it will be possible to buy such property for my little adopted son, who is just 12years old. I would be most gratefully if we can discuss about the best property I can buy for investment purposes in his name, meanwhile I am presently receiving treatment in a hospital in London, because I am very ill.

    I will appreciate your response.

  4. I am a 62 year old single man who wants to live overseas, but first try it for a few months. My average income is about 60 to 70 thousand a year. Thailand is one of the safest and least expensive…any other ideas? I am a former teacher and coach.

  5. I am looking to rent a place in the Dominican Republic. I have recently retired and am interested in this country for both living expenses and missionary work, which is what I love to do. Please contact me about properties I can research for possible rental, as well as the procedures to contact, or connect with those agencies that do rental property for retirees in Santo Domingo….preferred site I would like to retire in. Thank you.

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