Cost of Living In Austria


Austria is known as the winter sports capital of the world. As a landlocked country in Central Europe, its borders comprise Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and Switzerland. Austria will be known to have the best view of the Alps. If you are here, you can enjoy this place as it is blessed with a lot of mountainous areas. The scenery is remarkable when you stay here. As for the culture in Austria, the German culture has greatly influenced this country. Even if this is the case, Austria will always have an independent identity. Let us talk about the cost of living in Austria. How much does it cost to live in Austria compared to the United States?

Austria is one of the richest countries in the world. As you can expect, there is a high standard of living here. Industries and firms are abundant here, contributing to the economy of the country. Businesses here have been privatized which has reduced the state’s ownership to these industries. Now that Austria is a part of the European Union, things are looking great for them economically. Another consequence of this is that the currency that Austria uses is the Euro (€). The current exchange rate for the EUR is that €1 is equivalent to US $1.45. Choosing to live here may be a little expensive so be careful about the expenses that you have.

Housing Costs

Housing is quite expensive here in Austria. Most residents here choose to rent which is already cheaper. Renting here will cost €800 per month on the average. This also depends on the place where you are staying in Austria. There are cheaper apartments but for this price, you can expect good accommodations. Buying an apartment on the other hand costs €100,000 so if you can afford this, you can purchase your own apartment unit. This is the first concern that you have when you stay here in Austria so you can choose a location that you want to stay in when you are here and see if you can handle the expenses.

Transportation Costs

Transportation costs in Austria are very affordable. This is one thing that you do not have to worry about here. Especially if you are using public transportation, you will find it very convenient as well as affordable. Taxi rides average around €13 for a 5km ride in the city. For local fares such as tubes, trains and buses, a single-way ticket costs around €1.80 to €2. A cheaper way to travel will cost you €50 for buying a monthly pass for these public transportation vehicles. You can conveniently find a way to go around the cities. If you have a car, gasoline prices costs around €1.20 per liter.

Average Cost of Monthly Utilities

Electricity costs are a bit expensive here for your monthly utilities. Monthly bills for electricity cost around €160 or higher depending on electricity use. This is the only cost that you have to worry about since other utilities that you have to pay for monthly are quite cheap. Internet is paid for €20 per month. Mobile phones are usually paid at €11 per month. You can also check out Cable TV-Internet-telephone packages that cost around $30 which is basically cheaper. Your monthly utilities will average at €200 to €250 per month in Austria.

Cost of Maid Services

Maid services or cleaning ladies charge a high price here in Austria. It is rare to find full-time maid services when you live here. Most of the time, maid are hired per day or by the hour. You can find maid services here priced as €100 per day. You can always look out for maid services only when you need them. If you can still afford one, you can always hire a maid to help you out in your daily chores.

Cost of Food and Drinks

Food is definitely expensive here. First, for your groceries, you can set a budget around €300 per month. This amount depends on what you are getting. There are things which are cheaper but with the average prices of commodities, this is the budget that you should set for your monthly groceries. As for dining out, you can spend around from €20 to €50 for a normal meal. In fast food chains, €6 is the amount that you will spend or a meal. A cup of coffee costs €2 or more especially for high-end coffee shops. Beer is around €4 which is more expensive compared to anywhere. Dining out is really expensive which is why you may overspend when it comes to this. In a month, you will be able to spend around €400 for food costs.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is excellent in Austria. Most of the people here are insured especially when employed. If you want to get a private health insurance, you may need to spend around €200 per month to pay for it. A doctor’s visit will cost around €60 for a consultation. You can always trust the healthcare department in Austria to have the best facilities, equipment and doctors to provide you with excellent service. Everything that you will pay for in Austria will be worth it.

Clothing Costs

Shopping in Austria is one thing that will really empty your pockets. For a month, you can spend around €500 for clothing here. There are a couple of stores which sell very expensive branded clothes. But when you want to save a bit, you can go to flea markets and smaller shops that sell imported clothes from China, Thailand and other countries for a cheap price. The department store is also a great place where you can buy your clothes for an affordable price.

Now you know more about the cost of living in Austria. Find out what you need to know about traveling, living and possibly retiring to the one of the best places to retire.

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