Cost of Living In Belgium


Belgium is one of the most densely populated countries in West Europe. As a result, there are a couple of issues that are being handled here. Particularly for the improvement of the country, there are so many things tackled here such as urbanization and its countless effects on the society. With so many people living here, life is quite colorful when you choose to reside in Belgium. Let us take a closer look at the cost of living in Belgium and see how that compares to the United States.

Currently, its economy is doing great. It has one of the leasing agricultural industries in Western Europe. As for their manufacturing industry, Belgium is known for the largest importer of raw goods but exports them as a manufactures product. They specifically distribute to most European countries.

Cost of living in Belgium is what you may expect. It is really high compares to other countries. But of course, you can always expect life to be enjoyable when you are in Belgium. It is currently using the currency of Euro (€) which is the same as with its neighboring countries which makes I easier to trade with them. The exchange rate of 1 Euro is at 1.45 USD. Life in Belgium is not that different from the life in other European countries when it comes to the cost of living.

Housing Costs

Housing is quite affordable when you are living in Belgium. There are a couple of apartments for rent here. Living here, it would be better if you just get an apartment that you can rent in order to save. Take note that in cities like Brussels, you may see more expensive apartments. Check out locations in the City Center or Outside the Center. Inside the Center, you can get apartments from €800 to €1500 per month. But outside the center, you the rent is lower at €500 to €1000 per month.

Transportation Costs

Transportation is something that you have to take note of when you are here in Belgium. There are public trains and buses that you can ride for travelling. The one-way ticket costs around €1.30. It would be more practical if you save for this. Try getting a monthly pass worth €40 which takes you anywhere. Taxis on the other hand may cost around €15 for a 5km drive. Commuting is not a problem here in Belgium because you may not even exceed €100 per month when you travel. On the other hand, having a car is convenient when you are here. Gas prices are at €1.52 per liter. Transportation is quite cheap when you are living here in Belgium.

Average Cost of Monthly Utilities

Monthly utilities in Belgium are affordable. There is nothing that you have to worry about when you stay here. On the average, the electric bill may cost from €100 to €175 per month. This rate is average depending on the number of appliances that you use daily. This is the usual rate that you should be ready for when you stay in Belgium. Internet bills run from €30 to € 45 per month. For telephone of cell phone bills, these may cost around €15 each per month.

Cost for Maid Services

Maid services vary in price depending on how long the time for cleaning is. More or less, the rates for maid services are around € 75 per 3 hours of cleaning. This includes arrangements and general cleaning of the home. Just as in other European countries, maid services are not really that common for the residents here. Cleaning can easily be done so you do not have to worry so much when you get here. You can always hire maid service from time to time and not on a regular basis.

Cost of Food and Drinks

Cost of food here in Belgium varies on your habits. Whether you want to eat out or cook in your home, you can set a different budget when you stay here. For groceries alone, you can set a budget around €150 per month for all the things that you need for home including food and drinks. Eating out, you can expect around €20 to €35 per meal in a regular restaurant. Fast food prices are at €6 to €10 per meal. Spending for food is one thing that you are wasting. No matter what you are eating, you will find it worth it. Fresh products here are very cheap so choose locally produced food products when you shop here.

Healthcare Costs

Health in Belgium is important. Food and water here are practically safe to ingest and will not cause you sickness. Visits to doctors will cost you around €55 per consultation. For hospital services and treatments, these can be quite expensive especially if you do not have any insurance. Get a health insurance policy now if you want to make sure that you save in these expenses. Be prepared to pay around €200 per month for insurance.

Clothing Costs

Check out sales to get the best deals for your clothing expenses. On a regular purchase, you can find clothes around €50 to 150 for shirts and jeans. Depending on the brands that you are getting, the prices also vary for clothes. Always try to save when you shop for clothing here in Belgium. Don’t buy everything that you see but instead only those which you need.

Living in Belgium may require you to spend a little than what you are used to. The cost of living can be higher than the US, but in this great country, you will find that everything that you spend for is worth it. Try living in this place and you will surely love it when you stay in this country.

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