Cost of Living In Croatia


Hearing about Croatia has attracted the attention of a lot of people. This lovely country, located in the Southeast region of Europe, is one of the geographically diverse places that you will ever see. It is actually surrounded by Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. It is located in the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea and the Pannionian Plane. As you can imagine, Croatia is one scenic place. But how is the cost of living in Croatia? How does it compare to the United States?

The economy of Croatia is performing well. It is deemed as high-income market economy at present. Especially for the wonderful tourism industry here, the country is able to earn enough. The culture is something that is really interesting in Croatia. It is actually a product of years and years of development. Living here will be a unique experience for you. Life here is definitely one thing that you will really enjoy.

The official currency used in Croatia is the Croatian Kuna. The exchange rate of the Kuna is at 1 Kuna (HRK) is equivalent to 0.20 USD and 0.14 EUR. Unlike in other European countries, the Euro is not accepted here as payment though some may do this, they are not authorized to do so. As for the cost of living here, a lot of things here cost 10% to 20% less than what you would pay for in Western Europe. Cost of living here is definitely cheaper compared to other countries in Western Europe.

Housing Costs

Renting an apartment is the best way that you will find homes here at affordable prices. Apartment rentals depend on the location and the size of the space that you are getting, for an apartment you can at least expect to spend around $300 to $500 for a regular apartment. For more luxurious spaces, you can pay around $1500 to $3000 per month here in Croatia. As for dormers or when sharing rooms, you can find places for rent at around $70 to $100 per month here. Look for the most convenient accommodations when you stay in Croatia.

Transportation Costs

Having a car is convenient when you live in Croatia. Gas prices here cost at around $1 per liter which is a fairly affordable price. If you can, you can always take the public transportations when you can. It is a cheaper mode of travelling and there are so many options for you. A one-way fare would cost around $2. You can also get the monthly pass tickets that cost around $60 here for unlimited rides. The train costs $3 maximum depending on where you go. Taxi cabs may cost a little more with a fare rate of $ 13 for 5km distance. Transportation is very accessible staying here in Croatia so it is up to you on what route you are about to take here. For a month, you can set aside $100 for transportation costs.

Average Cost of Monthly Utilities

Your monthly utilities are somewhat the expenses that you should pay for at a fixed rate. More or less, your monthly utilities would be 20% cheaper in Croatia given the same amount of resources that you use. For a typical household here, electricity and water costs would add up to $90 to $100 dollars per month. For internet, a high-speed connection will cost you up to $25 per month. for your mobile phone bill, a 100 minute call will cost you $18 per month. This is how cheap you pay for when you stay here in Croatia so your monthly utilities will be less of a hassle for you. Paying for them is quite easy so you do not have to worry about it.

Cost of Maid Services

In Croatia, only the rich can afford live-in maids. For maid services, you need to hire maids on a daily basis. They all have to live out of your homes. Their job is to practically clean your home and fix the things. Some will include laundry services but not all. A typical fee paid for these maid services cost around $60 per day which is the affordable rate. Some housekeeping service cost more as they charge by the hour they clean. Contact an agency that provides maid services to the residence in Croatia in order to find housekeeping services.

Cost of Food and Drinks

The cost for food and drink is very affordable and the expense that you have depends on how big your family is. For a single person, he can live on a grocery budget of $150 per month on groceries. Local products here actually cost cheaper so you do not have to worry about paying for these things. You can get your dairy products for a cheap price but with good quality. Other foods like fresh fruits, seafood and fruits are affordable when you buy them here. Eating out will not cost you a lot. A typical meal will cost you around $6 per person. When you eat in more expensive places, they charge around $30 per meal.

Healthcare Costs

Hospitals here are known for high standards. You can trust that doctors here have been trained properly before actually practicing medicine. A visit to the doctor will cost around $30 per person. If you decide on getting health insurance, you can pay around $90 per month for it. You can guarantee that your health is safe when you live here in Croatia.

Clothing Costs

Clothing is an important necessity in everyday life. If you want to know how much you will spend on this, you can set a budget of $150 per month for clothing. You can find some brands which are expensive but you will surely find cheaper places where you can go to here in Croatia. Shop wisely and never spend too much when you are here.

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