Cost of Living In Germany


As the largest country in Central Europe, Germany remains as one of the economic powers in the continent. It is the world’s largest exporter bringing in a good economic state to the country. Through the years, Germany has indeed developed a high standard of living. This has determined an intact and reliable social security among the residents.

But what about the cost of living in Germany? How much does it cost to live in Germany compared to the United States?

Germany is one of the most scenic places in Europe. There are a lot of forests, seacoasts, national parks and mountains that are seen here. It is very evident that the people here are concerned with the environmental issues. Currently, they are very dedicated to the Kyoto protocol. You can guarantee that when you live here, you will not have any problems when it comes to the environmental issues.

Germany is still a part of the Eurozone. The currency that Germany uses is the Euro (€). The rate of 1 Euro is equivalent to 1.46 USD. Cost of living is generally higher in Germany. Especially since the Euro is a very expensive currency, you need to be prepared for the cost of living that you have to face here.

Housing Costs

Living in Germany is very expensive. If you still cannot afford owning your own home, you can always choose to rent an apartment Particularly for European countries, this is the most common way of living here. You can find a lot of cheap apartments as well as expensive ones. Depending on where you live, you will know the cost of living that you might incur. Munich is where the highest cost of living is. East Germany is practically a lot cheaper than the west where the booming countries are located. Cheaper apartments may cost around €300 to thousands of Euros per month and may increase with the size of the room or the location of the apartment.

Transportation Costs

Transportation is a very important expense that you have to take note of. This is a part of daily life which means you cannot neglect this. The German Bahn Card 50 is a great investment when you want to save on your train tickets. It offers 25%, 50% and 100% on your train tickets. These are sold at €57, €230 and €3800, respectively. The ICE is also a high speed train that are very fast and efficient. These may be effective but can also be expensive at around €60.

Driving with your car, you need to be aware of the prices of gasoline. It recently increased as the prices for diesel is at €1.10 per liter and for gasoline at €1.30 per liter.

Average Cost of Monthly Utilities

The cost for electricity and other utilities are quite expensive here. Electricity and utility bills can cost anywhere from €100 to €300 depending on what you use at home. This can really cost a lot when you are staying in Germany. If you are using too much of your electrical appliances, you may need to cut down if you want to save.

Internet, phone and cable TV bills are also needed when you stay here. For a total of €50 to €60, you can enjoy all of these. For all of the utilities that you use, you may need around €200 to €400 per month.

Cost of Maid Services

Hiring a maid in Germany is quite a luxury. It is quite expensive and not everyone can afford it. Maid services cost around 80 Euro per day or per cleaning. Ask if your apartment offers extra cleaning services instead of hiring from outside. Since there are some agencies which actually charge higher for maid services rather than those which are offered in your apartment, make sure that you choose a cheaper alternative.

Cost for Food and Drinks

Food expenses in Germany actually depend on you. Grocery bills start at around €80 to €150 per month. These amounts only account for the basic food that you need to eat every day. It can cost you more if you add more junk food or extra grocery items. Eating out, it may cost you anywhere from €7 to €22 per meal. Drinks such as beer and coffee are priced around €2 to €5.

Healthcare Costs

Residents may agree that healthcare provided in Germany is one of the best. They have one of the most remarkable services when it comes to monitoring your health. You can trust that specialists will provide you with what you need. Medication in Germany is strictly regulated as some pills need prescriptions when purchased. Health insurance is recommended when you live here. Since the public health care sector here is quite expensive. You need to make sure that you get insurance for your health. More or else, it will cost around €300 per month to pay for the health insurance policy.

Costs for Clothing

Clothing in Germany is quite affordable for a country like this. Shopping seems to be a hobby here not for everyone but for only those who can afford it. Shirts cost €20 to €50 per piece. Jeans cost more around €150 to €300. It is so hard to out a certain cost for shopping clothes because this changes from time to time.

Living in Germany may be a luxury for most people but life has a good quality. You can ensure that when you stay here you get the best. When it comes to accommodations, you can be sure that you are comfortable here. When you want to live in a place where the economy is doing great, stay here in Germany. With a lovely environment and great location to add to these, Germany seems to be one of the best places where you can live even though the cost of living may be higher compared to the United States.

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