Cost of Living In Luxembourg


Luxembourg is a small country in Western Europe, landlocked by Belgium, Germany and France. But size is not a big deal when it comes to this place. Though it may be a tiny country, it is such a wonderful place to be in. Lying in between a cross of cultures, you can expect that this country will be a great destination.

Let us take a quick look at the cost of living in Luxembourg compared to the US.

There is so much that is offered by Luxembourg. From the great scenery and the wonderful climate, living here would not be such a bad idea for anyone. The economy is very stable, thanks to the successful steel and agriculture industry that they have. Considering the size that Luxembourg has, it remains among the richest country in the world. It is known for having a high-income economy, low inflation and a low unemployment rate. It seems like living here is very beneficial financially.

Luxembourg is using the currency Euro (€) which is the same for its neighboring countries. Luxembourg may have a little higher cost of living compared to the United States. The current conversion of €1 Euro is at $1.45 USD. It may be quite pricier here if you plan to live here but life here is definitely better.

Housing Costs

Luxembourg has a couple of houses and apartments which are available here. Since there are a lot of people who travel and move in here, you can trust that there will be quite a selection of accommodations for you. Like most residents here, they just tend to rent an apartment because it seems more practical and cheaper. True enough, renting an apartment may only cost anywhere from € 600 t o €2500 per month. It depends on the locations as well as the size o the apartment that you are getting. For larger apartments, tenants just share for a cheaper rent.

Transportation Costs

Though Luxembourg may seem to be a small country, public transportation is needed here. If you do not own a car, you can choose to rent one. The rate starts from €36 per day which can be a bit expensive. Gas prices may cost around €0.09 to €1.06 per liter depending on diesel or gasoline. For public transportation, buses and trains seem to be the best route for you. Ticket prices are actually the same. A ticket is priced according to the validity. For a 2-hour ticket, you have to pay €1.50 which has unlimited transfers. If you want a ticket for a whole day, it costs €4. The most practical way is to get a ticket valid for one month at €40. This is actually cheap so if you want to get around Luxembourg, you can try public transportation.

Average Cost of Monthly Utilities

Monthly utilities include electricity, water, gas, internet and even phone bills. These are some of the bills that you have to pay for especially these days. Electricity is one thing that we cannot live without so you really have to account for this and this also goes for the same. Electricity bills may cost around €60 to €80 depending on monthly use. Internet connections are available at €40 which includes cable TV and a telephone which is a great deal. This is actually something that depends on you so if you do not want to have a higher bill, you can actually save and consume less of these things.

Cost of Maid Services

Maid services are not typical in Luxembourg. If you must, you can always have a maid service every time that you need one. Housekeeping services are available here so you can take a rest once in a while even if you want your home cleaned. It can cost you around €10 per hour depending on the experience or the service provided by the maid. You can always hire one and see if you can afford this extra expense when you live here.

Cost for Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are quite affordable here in Luxembourg. You just have to make sure that you allocate a certain amount for these. For your groceries, you can set aside €400 to €600 per month. This is already enough for the food that you are going to eat. Eating out may cost you from €20 to €50 per meal so you should set aside this when you want to eat out. Drinks such as milk and water cost around €2.50 to €2.00 per liter. Try to shop for local products when you want to save money because everything that is produced locally is quite cheaper.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is valuable here in Luxembourg. Food and water supply are checked strictly in order to ensure that they health. The great medical services provided in Luxembourg are an advantage to the residents. Since hospitals here work with the CMO, hospitals here provide free treatments. For children below 18 years old, they are free of charge. Patients who are confined may cost around €12 per day.

Health insurance is actually recommended here. If you get one, you enjoy the benefits that these have. You may need to pay around €50 to €100 depending on the insurance policy that you have.

Cost for Clothing

Shopping for clothes in Luxembourg may give you limited choices. Most shoppers often travel to nearby countries like Germany of France where there are cheaper clothes with more selection. But this will add to your expenses so if you can, you can just shop locally and get the best deals for your clothes without spending too much.

Living in Luxembourg is a good option for you. You need to prioritize things because some are cheap and some are expensive. It may be hard to budget the first few month of living here but you will eventually get by. Get to enjoy it here in Luxembourg and find life to be more fun. Even though the cost of living may be higher when compared to the United States you may enjoy a better quality of life.

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