Cost of Living In New Zealand


New Zealand is a paradise when you get there. This is located in the southwest part of the Pacific Ocean. This place is endowed with the most beautiful and diverse nature reserves. You will get to see the beautiful mix of the mountains, lakes, rivers and trees that make up the scenery. This is what you exactly get when you are in New Zealand. Life here is nothing but relaxing when you are here. If you want to live in a place where you will find a peaceful but with a good quality of life, there is no doubt that you can find it here in New Zealand. How about the cost of living in New Zealand? How does it compare to the US?

This country may not be populated by a lot of people but life here is good. It is equipped with modern facilities, transportation as well as a lot of urbanized areas. What makes this a great place to live in is that it is very accessible. Aside from this, New Zealand have a high ranking in comparison to other countries in Europe and the United States when it comes to life expectancy, quality of life, literacy, public education, business, lack of corruption, freedom and human development.

The currency used by New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). Converting this to other currencies, 1 NZD is equivalent to 0.51 Euro and 0.74 USD. The cost of living in New Zealand is understandably high. Compared to Europe and to the United States, New Zealand is farther and less accessible which makes it most commodities more expensive here.

Housing Costs

Housing in New Zealand is technically cheaper compared to other countries. Since the government wants to encourage immigrants to stay here, they are lowering prices of housing here. With an affordable price, people like you will be able to enjoy suitable living conditions. Most people living there prefer to buy their own home. Lots with houses here cost around $ 250,000 to $1M NZD. Homes for rent on the other hand, cost around $200 to $400per week. Apartments for rent are around this rate ranging from $300 to $800 per week on the average. Renting is not as simple as you think. If you want a certain space, you need to make sure that you know the cost of the apartment, bonds and the advanced rent that you have to pay for.

Transportation Cost

The transportation system in New Zealand is very affordable. There are so many options that you have when selecting a certain mode of transportation. They have buses, trains and cabs that you can ride. The bus fares start at a basic price of $2 NZD that increases the farther you travel/ As for taxis, these can start at a flag down rate of $2 NZD which increases at $2 per kilometer that you pass. Trains may also cost around this rate so you have an idea on how much it cost for a travelling using the train. Per day, you can set around $50 for your travel depending on the distance.

Average Cost of Monthly Utilities

The electricity expense is very important here in New Zealand. This is something that people cannot live without. This is not at all that expensive if you are staying here. Beside from this, utilities such as water, gas and garbage bills are included too. The average monthly utilities bill that you have to pay here is around $80 to $150 per month. Internet, telephone and the cable bills cost around $40 to $60 NZD per month.

Cost of Maid Services

Maid services are not really that necessary when you live in New Zealand. If you are busy, you may choose to hire a maid to do all the cleaning and the chores for you. The typical cost of a maid in New Zealand is around $250 to $350 per month. This is something that is not at all necessary. If you want, you can always hire daily maid services which cost a lot cheaper. For this kind of expense, you can live without it.

Cost for Food and Drinks

New Zealand provides one of the best cuisines in the world. There are a lot of fresh ingredients used when cooking here. This is why residents never hesitate to pay for good food here. Expect to pay around $500 to $1000 NZD per month of groceries and food expenses. This includes eating out, drinking or even having coffee. Farmers provide the residents with the best quality dairy products and meat. These are very affordable but with wonderful quality whether for local or export. For fruits and vegetables, these are very cheap especially when in season. Anything that is produced locally here in New Zealand is very cheap.

Healthcare Costs

There are certain things that you have to know regarding the healthcare sector in New Zealand. New Zealand health care is considered among the best. This is often compared to Sweden or New Zealand. Though health insurance is not needed, it is best to get one for safety. There are also a lot of free services here since this is subsidizes and funded for. This benefit is enjoyed by New Zealandn, British and New Zealand citizens. For public hospitals, these offer free prescriptions, x-rays and laboratory tests. For children below 6 years, medical services are free. A typical consultation to the doctors can cost your around $50 NZD on the average.

Costs for Clothing

New Zealand is famous for the clothing that designer here make. There are a lot of clothes here which are practically affordable. Most people spend around $200 NZD for shopping clothes. Clothes here are definitely worth it because they have the best quality of materials in making affordable clothes.

New Zealand is such a nice place to start a new life. Get to enjoy the peace and serenity that comes with this destination. Speaking of costs, there is nothing that you have to worry about. Everything that you pay for here is worth it. Life here will surely be convenient for you. Even though the cost of living in New Zealand may be higher than the United States it may still be one of the 10 best places to retire abroad.

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