Cost of Living In Thailand


Thailand, a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia, brings a lot of people excitement whenever they are here. This country bordered by Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia, do bring in an interesting mix of cultures. World-famous for the cuisine, culture, scenery and beaches, anyone will surely love to live in this exotic place. Among the popular destinations here are Pattaya, Phuket and the infamous Bangkok. Life here is nothing but exciting so discover a whole new world in this lovely place.

Let us learn what is the cost of living in Thailand compared to the US. How much does it cost to live and retire in Thailand?
Thailand is known a newly industrialized country. This country is currently rising up the economic market as it has been greatly hit by the Asian financial crisis. Thailand has its own currency, which is the Baht (THB). Its current exchange rate is at 1 THB equivalent to 0.03 USD and 0.021 EUR. Living in Thailand is a comforting thing to do because the cost of living is really cheap. For such a great location, you will definitely find is a great place to move in permanently.

Housing Costs

Housing in Thailand is really cheap. You can pay around $100 to $300 per month for an apartment rental. This is the price for a decent place to stay. You will get all the amenities in an apartment- fully furnishes, private bathroom and a living room. The more rooms that you want, the more expensive it is. If you are planning on staying here, be ready to spend around $1000 to $3000 per month. There are cheaper apartments but these may not appeal to you so check out the mid-class one when you look for an apartment. You will really see that there is a wide range of prices here since it is a tourist destination.

Transportation Costs

Buying your own car in Thailand is an expensive choice. It is better if you already have a car that you can bring here. Gas prices in Thailand range from $1.02 per liter. Car rentals on the other hand may cost $168 per day. The best way that you can actually roam around Thailand is by public transport. Buses in Thailand cost $.10 for non-air conditioned and $0.20 for the air-conditioned buses. Mini buses are paid for t a fixed rate of $0.75 no matter how far you go. Taxi cabs start at $1.05 flag down rate. There are cheaper modes of transport like the Tuk Tuks, SonTaw, motorcycles and ferry boats. Transportation is very cheap in this place and you will only have to spend around $30 per month.

Average Cost For Monthly Utilities

Electricity is very cheap when you stay here in Thailand. Electricity bills here cost around $24 to $100. This depends on the use of air-conditioning here. You will already have enough use of the electricity here. Water costs around $10 per month which is actually cheap too. For telephone rates, these go up to $3 per month and call usually cost $0.10 each time that you call. As for mobile phones, you can already use a $15 per month fee which includes free calls and monthly charges. Internet connection as well as cable TV are affordable and costs around $30 per month. Monthly utilities are very affordable when you stay in Thailand so this will not be a problem for you.

Cost of Maid Services

Maid services are practically cheap in Thailand. This is one advantage that you get when you live here. When you want a housekeeper, you can have one even on a full-time basis for an affordable price. For full-time maids, you can pay them $240 per month. If you choose a maid that you can hire for a day, they will accept the job for $50 per day. This is how cheap you can hire a maid here in Thailand so if you need assistance for your home cleaning, you can easily hire maid services. Other services that maids offer are cleaning, laundry, cooking and even babysitting. You can get a complete service here in Thailand.

Cost for Food and Drinks

Food here is cheap! This is why there are a lot of people who go here because for their tasty dishes, they can actually get food for a cheap price. For grocery, you can at least spare $100 for your monthly budget but this is enough. Local cuisines in Thailand will cost around $1.5 to $2 per meal. If you find foreign cuisines here, you can expect that their prices will be around $100 to $200 per meal. For your food here in Thailand, $300 per month will be more than enough. You will surely find this country a place for the best food trips that you will ever go to in your life.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare in Thailand is one thing that you can count on. There are a lot of good doctors that you can find here. Medicine is practically cheap in Thailand so you do not have to worry about anything but just make sure that you get something that you really need for your health. Paying your doctor a visit can cost you around $13. If you want to get medical insurance, you there are so many here in Thailand. It is best if you get private insurance and you will pay around $60 per month for it. You can always trust the medical services here because Thailand is just improving their facilities day by day.

Cost for Clothing

Bangkok is practically the shopping capital of Asia. You will find a lot of stuff when you shop here. You will find that clothes are sold depending on their origin and brand. Clothes made from Thailand and locally produced cost around $4 to $6 for shirts and even jeans. When you shop for imported clothing, you can get the original clothes for $60 and up. You can shop until you drop here in Thailand and still get to save enough for yourself. For your shopping spree, you can live with a $50 per month budget.

As you can see there is a low cost of living in Thailand, discover why many consider it one of the 10 best places to retire overseas.

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