Acapulco Mexico Best Places To Retire

Ideally, retirement is best described as the period in a person’s life where the focus is more on leisure, relaxation and personal enjoyment, having spent the previous years absorbed with work, work and more work. Imagine when, during your working days, coming home from work all tired and stressed out, all you wanted to do was spend some quality time with your La-Z-boy. What more if you are already retiring? The La-Z-boy might be your best friend, but you would want more than a comfortable chair to make the most of your retirement years.

Having worked hard and saved enough for a satisfying retirement, the best place to relax comfortably is none other than the enchanting Acapulco, the original resort town of Mexico. Famous for the unfading magnificence and splendor of its beaches, Acapulco is a city by the ocean. Millions of visitors, retirees and expats flock the city for the beautiful attractions and the feel of an easy-going way of life in a beach town. In spite of the competition with other Mexican cities such as Cancun, Acapulco still maintains its exotic charm and exciting aura that endear it to visitors.

A mesmerizing humid place of eternal sunshine, the warm weather is a nice excuse to while away by the beach. While rain showers can be expected most of the time, they usually occur during the night, so you can still enjoy your times along the white sands beaches. These beaches are unspoiled and are always well-maintained. One may want to have fun jet skiing or windsurfing in its spectacular waters or can just sit back in a lounge chair and linger in the embrace of the Acapulco sun. Retirement has never been this fun and exciting.

For a nightcap, one must not fail to experience Acapulco’s nightlife. A city that never sleeps, Acapulco offers a wide variety of after-hours entertainment. The choices are eclectic and interesting just like the city itself. Cozy piano bars entertain crowds along with loud and lively discos, with a sprinkle of tropical shows thrown in to create a distinctive flavor. Nightlife starts as the sun sets and lasts into the wee hours of the morning.

The locals are a friendly lot, eager to please visitors they meet. Using their language, Mexican Spanish, in communicating with them would give a positive response so it best to learn even just a few useful phrases. Learning a second language goes a long way.

Walking the streets of Acapulco is generally safer than anywhere else in the Americas. There is very little crime in the city and those that are committed are mostly petty. The tourist police are friendly and approachable.

Different local festivities provide a distinctive color to Acapulco’s already vibrant atmosphere. The annual Acapulco music festival or Acafest draws thousands of visitors from all over Mexico and some parts of the globe. It is usually held mid-May and lasts around one week. Another highlight is the Holy Week celebration, which features many Easter-related events.