Best Cities To Retire In America: Denver Colorado

When life has always been about reaching the top, it is hard to let it go. The reality of a fast paced life is that as you reach a certain age, you have to slow down and tone down. When you retire from your job, you will have to let go of all the prestige that your job has brought you. You need to learn how to enjoy your life and how to live it.

Retirement does not have to always end in a depressive state. The phrase staying in top can be an oxymoron, with the Mile High City you can, literally. Denver is one of the highest points in the United States. The altitude of Denver is 5,280 feet which is very high. This is how living the high life should be! You should always stay on top.

The city of Denver can provide you with the moderate life that you want. The per capita income of the people is $29,000 which they have to spend for the average cost of life. The cost of living in Denver is 100.5 slightly higher than the 100 index of the average cost of living in the United States. Living conditions work for the best and you should always know when to spend and for what. Typical homes would usually cost $310,000 and renting at around $700. It is so easy to move in Denver.

People are quite amazed at the weather in this city. While some cities may just have the 4 seasons pass by, in Denver, it does not. All four seasons- winter, spring, summer and fall are pronounced. You will get to experience each season and savour its beauty. This is why within a year, the temperature may go as low as 12ºF and as high as 89ºF. Winters are packed with heavy snows, snowstorms and blizzards from time to time. Summer has intense sun but may have a little rainfall. Spring has nature in full bloom. Even if it may seem short, you will see all the flowers and trees grow their best. Autumn has a mild temperature with clear blue skies as you see the leaves slowly falling to the ground.

Safety is what you are guaranteed when you live in Denver. There is a low crime rate in this place. So far, the crime rate has not yet increase for the past years. Your safety is definitely secured when you live in Denver.

The best part of living in Denver, Colorado is being able to have a full view of the Rocky Mountains. A life in the city will never be complete when you do not have the perfect view to match it. When you want to get away from the busy life, just enjoy the Rocky Mountains, a few miles west. This is the perfect retreat for you.

When you want to stay on top of the world, you can always count on Denver, Colorado to provide you with a pristine and exciting lifestyle that will make your retirement years worth living!