Best Cities To Retire In America: Phoenix Arizona

The best thing to do when you retire is to live an extraordinary life. If you live an idyllic and mundane setup then it’s time to put a little excitement in your life. There is no other way to do this but to live in a place that is totally different from what you are used to. The United States is not a boring place. There are actually places where you can try and live a life that is more challenging.

It seems like a scary idea to live in a desert but on the contrary can be one of the best things to do for retirement. There are many advantages to living in Phoenix. This city in the middle of the desert is so far the most populated city in the United States. One can say that Phoenix is the heart of America, where a melting pot of culture and life is perfect for living a full retirement.

Phoenix is the state capital of Arizona where all political, economic and cultural activity is central to. Despite being in the middle of a desert, you will be surprised at how modern life is here. You would not be living in an isolated area here in Phoenix. Everything is normal, so do not be afraid to live here.

The weather in Phoenix is quite nice. During the day, it can get really hot, but during night time, temperature drops immediately. Summer is the hottest season and the temperature can reach up to 115ºF. Although during winter, it may be possible to reach 30ºF, usually the temperature just plays along 45ºF to 50ºF. The climate is usually dry with very long summers. Winters are usually mild just enough cold weather for the people.

Nothing beats the Phoenix skyline at dawn. It brings together the mix of beautiful blue and the fiery red sky. This is truly one view that you will never get tired of when you living in Phoenix. This is the only city that allows you to enjoy a wonderful view like this. It would be nice if you got to enjoy this all of your life.

Despite the high population, the cost of living is quite lower than the average. It will be easy to adapt to the lifestyle of the people here. People have a per capita income of $23,000 in Phoenix. This city is the capital state in Phoenix and is quite modernized. There are a couple of establishments that you can visit.

Real estate in Phoenix is one of the most affordable in America. On average, houses cost around $320,000. You can find other housing units that may cost cheaper depending on your realtor and the neighbourhood that you pick.

Overall, Phoenix mixes a touch of urban and suburban influences that make it an ideal place to retire for a person who seeks an active and fun filled lifestyle. Living in the fast lane just got better with the amenities and features that this buzzing city has to offer.