Best Cities To Retire In America: Portland Oregon

For all of the years that you have spend working to earn all the money that you have, don’t you think that it is time for you to retire? You deserve that long awaited retirement that you have been planning all your life. There is no other place that you can go to but in Portland. This city in the state of Oregon is one of the best places where you can enjoy your retirement. Providing you with the best conditions for a retirement, you can never ask for more when you live here.

Moving in Portland will provide the best life for you when you want to live with ease. First thing that you would need to be concerned with are the living conditions that you would have in this city. The cost of living in Portland is slightly higher than the average in the United States. With an average of 100, Portland has 102.6 which just slightly higher and is still affordable. With only 15.1% of the population living in poverty, you should not be alarmed with the cost of living. The median household income amounts to $47,143 while the per capita income is around $28,000. The rapid growth in the economy of Portland has made life more convenient for the people living here.

Permanently moving to Portland is not really a big problem. Purchasing your own home will cost around $295,000 but of course there are more affordable alternatives. Renting can be a lot less expensive and normally costs an average of $760. You can spend your retirement comfortably in this city.

The weather is wonderful with temperatures going as low as 40ºF during winter and reaching up to 85ºF during summer. Expect that constant rain from September to June until the summer starts. The weather is very moderate when you live here is Portland, nothing too extreme for you.

The people residing in Portland are the kind of people anyone would adore as neighbours. The mix of cultures and nationalities make it a truly exciting and wonderful experience living in Portland. You will get to know people from different races. Whenever you feel lonely, you will have someone to talk to you. These people do not take their environment for granted. They have adopted recycling as a very important part of their lives which bring so many changes in the way of living. Crimes rate have decreased, reaching its all-time low for the past eight years.

Remember that what you need in this time of your life is to enjoy! There are lot of tourist spots which you can go to here in Portland. There are parks, gardens, museums and restaurants that you can enjoy. Portland is one of the most ideal retirement places in America. Don’t think twice about making your decision to move to this beautiful and peaceful city. Portland is the kind of place where you would want to spend your retirement years and start living life to the fullest.