Best Places To Retire In The World – Austria: Best Winter-Place For Retirement

winter scenery AustriaMany tourists admire Austria for it always feels like “Christmas” here, since this country is famous for its winters that many people not just from its neighboring countries but in America as well frequent this place. There are warm months, too; they are from the middle of May to the middle of September.

Now Austria is being considered not just a favorite tourist destination but one of the best places to retire. Its natural beauty is enticing and convinces its tourists to settle here for good.

Danube, the country’s only navigable river, flows across northern Austria from west to east. All of Austria’s major rivers such as Inn, Enns, Salza, Muresque, and Drava— eventually join the Danube. Picturesque finger lakes lie to the north and east of Salzburg and in the Klagenfurt basin.


Austria is a mountainous country in Central Europe. It is dominated by Europe’s largest mountain range, the Alps, which stretch from east to west across the country. To the north, the river Danube flows across its flat plain from West Germany to Hungary.

Tourists have noted that Austrians love to walk in the country’s forests and pastures and enjoy the hundreds of lake and rivers. They love life, nature, good food, good drink, good companionship. They’re in no hurry either to get rich or to get to whatever destination they might have at the moment.

While Austrian women often wear the Dirndls, a dress with a fitted bodice and full skirt. Many families have farms, producing dairy products, beef and lamb. Austria’s forest also supports thriving paper industry—by which many of these industries are small and make every specialized thing such as the high quality optical instruments made in the city of Salzburg.

Moreover, Austria, as one of the best places to retire has modern and efficient largely state-owned transportation system. Austria has no seacoast so reaching her is a matter of travel by land or air.

A national airline flies domestic and international routes—about 6,500 kilometers of railroads crisscross Austria, traversing all major valleys of the Alps. There are about 11,000 kilometers of autobahns or long expressways and federal highways. Both passenger and freight service are available on river vessels on the Danube.

Austria continues to boast itself to be the cheapest country in Europe. Austria has always been one of the most popular tourist countries of Europe and now as one of the best places to retire. For one thing there is no other land where the pension is so comfortably established an institution than Austria. Certainly pension and hotel food in Austria are about as cheap and highly affordable as any known cheapest and best places to retire like Mexico, Spain, Morocco, Greece, and Portugal.

In other cities one will efficaciously find that the best restaurants in town are in the hotels and street inns. Rents in general are high, but still many expatriates consider Austria as one of the best places to retire.

The Fortress in Hohensalzburg, which dominates the hill around which the town is built, is probably the best example of fortress-castle remaining intact. It is Austria’s known and enormous building, considerably a small town in itself where hundreds of thousands of visitors enter it yearly. Within its walls is an art school and many students work and live there.

One of the promising attributes of Salzburg is that easy and most evidently available to the west Austrian centers and even to such German centers as Munich and Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s former home, which is only a few miles away. Italy is about a hundred miles to the south and a trip through this area by river-boat is one of the outstanding and momentous experiences to be enjoyed in the entire Europe.

Mountains Austria TyrolThe Rhine is noted for its castles, perched up on the hill-tops, but the Rhine though highly commercialized still have that much of the enjoyment as many tourists frequent the place. On the other hand, Austria, has as many castles on its hilltops and the only industrial town is Linz. The old-old town of Durnstein is considered to be the number one producer of one of the most famous Austrian wines in harvest season.

For Centuries, Austria’s command of vital east-west and north-south trade routes gave it both commercial and strategic importance. Geographically and politically, Austria has continuously emerged as one of the best places to retire.


Austria is constitutional federal republic composed of nine provinces. The government’s determination to rival Spain, Morocco, Mexico, Greece and even France as the most convenient and best place to retire has continuously invited many retirees to come to its place.

Austria currency (approx):

1.00 USD = 0.726952 EUR

United States Dollars = Euro

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