Cayman Islands Best Places To Retire

Being away from hustle and bustle, a zen of space, calm harmony with nature, and a simple life with modern conveniences, might not be all but mostly the things atop your list in choosing a retirement destination. All these and more are in store for you in the Cayman Islands. The vast territory boasts an array of islands from which you can choose – Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman, and Little Cayman. The British-administered group of islands in Caribbean Sea comprises a total area of about 100 square miles. The three islands are situated in the northwest coast of Jamaica and southern of Cuba and Miami.

Owning a property by the beach is quite expensive but if you are looking for a cheaper housing, consider Cayman Brac and Little Cayman islands. Both offer lower housing cost than the Grand Cayman.

You can feel felicity and splendor just looking at many scenic views and natural beauty in the vicinity of Georgetown, which is the capital city of the Grand Cayman. Covering an area of 76 square miles, Grand Cayman is overwhelmingly the largest among the three island groups. You will certainly enjoy the maritime life in the islands. It is rich in marine natural resources, including coral reefs and wide variety of fish.

About 90% of goods are being imported; however, the cost of living is fairly practical and has no direct taxation. You will take pleasure in mingling and making friends with local people in the islands. There is no language barrier since English is their spoken language, however, some select foreign nationals particularly Latin American and Cuban communicate in Spanish.
Going for some downtown trips, you will find the place a bit crowded during peak seasons specially during summer time; otherwise, during ordinary days, it is a mere quaint trade town for small scale business people. Shopping malls are not to be found in any corner of George Town, however, there are some convenience and novelty shops that sells personal items, cigar, and gem stones.

Telecommunication is omnipresent in the islands. Reception for television is good. You can subscribe to select mobile phone networks and internet services. Although, tourism industry is a mainstay, more than 68,000 companies were established and registered in the islands.

You would really make the most of life close to nature. The Cayman Islands offers the best places to retire while you enjoy the summer lash with temperature not more than 85 F and about 75 F during winter. You might prefer to slap on moisturizer and sunscreen protections on your skin during dry season from November to April. However, gear up for the rainy season starting May to October.

If you settle down in the Cayman Islands you will gain immense pleasure from many different waves of activities. Offshore and underwater activities in the premier territory will certainly delight you. It is a formidable retirement destination for you and your family. So take time to gather your thoughts and weigh your options. The Cayman Islands are just a few hours travel by plane.