Cost of Living In Canada


Canada will always be known as the largest country in North America. This country is known for its unique culture despite being near the United States. For so long, Canada seems to be one of the top tourist destinations here but recently, there are so many immigrants which choose to live here. Since life is very appealing for most, they do not hesitate about moving to Canada. Let us learn about the cost of living in Canada. Is it high or low compared to the United States?

True enough, Canada remains as one of the richest countries in the world. The economy relies of the agricultural products that they produce here as well as mineral products too. So far maintaining a peaceful relationship with other countries, this place is quite ideal. Residents here do get their peace of mind. Being that it is bordered by three bodies of water – Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean, it is quite a scenic place to live in.

Canada has its own currency. Although is referred to as the dollar ($), it is known as the CAD when abbreviated. Converting to the USD, 1 CAD is equivalent to 0.97 USD. One factor that attracts residents to live here is that the cost of living in Canada is relatively low (around 15% to 35%) but in some cities like Vancouver, it can be a little higher here. For most residents who have come from other places, they choose to live in Canada because it is basically cheaper here.

Housing Costs

Housing in Canada is not really that of a problem. Though you housing costs take up a huge amount of your income, you can always be satisfied with the kind of life you have. When buying homes here, you can always find prices the same buy with a lower mortgage which is convenient to pay. But if you want to rent an apartment, it is a good alternative since it is cheaper. For small towns, rates for rent are at $250 to $400 CAD per month. For larger apartments, you can find rent at $700 to $1500 per month. Looking for a cheap housing unit here is not as hard as you think. You can always trust that you will find a place when you live here in Canada.

Transportation Costs

In Canada, transportation is not much of a problem because most residents here own their cars. For gas prices, these cost around $ 1.20 to $1.50 per liter of gasoline. For public transport, you can always ride the public bus wherever you go. There are intercity routes that you can take when you ride the bus and there are a couple of bus stations scattered all over. One way bus fares are at $2 to $3 which is quite cheap. Setting aside $60 per month on your transportation fee is enough when you stay here in Canada.

Average Cost of Monthly Utilities

Cost of monthly utilities in Canada is not as high as you might expect. Of course, you need to pay for these since these are costs that you incur per month that you use. Electric Bills may cost you around $40 per month. Some people can even pay $20 for their electricity when they do not use it as often. Internet connection bills per month cost you at $40 this is for high speed internet. Cable TV connection varies from $25 to $50 per month. You can at least set aside $100 at the most for your monthly utilities here.

Cost of Maid Services

Looking for maid services in Canada is not hard to do. The only things that is hard to do here is to find a pretty affordable maid service. Since these services are pretty expensive, most residents in Canada never really hire regular maid services. More or less the rate for maid services if at $80 to $100 per day since most maid services charge per day here. It is rare to find individuals who are looking for permanent maid services here.

Cost for Food and Drinks

Groceries in Canada will cost you around $150 to $300 per month. It depends on what you are buying. For a typical meal that you are preparing at home, you can save as much as $5 to $10 when you prepare it at home. When you eat out, the fast food chains are the cheapest places where you can eat. Meals are priced at $5 per person. For more expensive restaurants, meals go as high as $35 per person. Be aware that cigarettes and alcoholic drinks are specifically expensive since these are heavily taxed.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare in Canada is funded by the public. About 71% of the healthcare costs are funded by the government. Thought this seems to be the case, most residents do find it more convenient to have a health insurance ready. You will pay around $100 per month for your health insurance for some cities; you can expect that there are monthly fees for health costs at around $54 pero month. It depends on your monthly income how much you really have to pay.

Cost for Clothing

Clothes are practically cheap in Canada. Jeans are sold at $40 to $80 per pair. You can find loads of deals when you shop here. It does not really matter if you shop at your nearest department stores or retail outlets. You can easily save money when you shop for clothes in Canada. Clothing expense will usually just take up 5% to 10% of your monthly income.

Canada is indeed a great place where you can stay. With quite a diverse population but a peaceful environment, you will surely enjoy it here. Plus, the cost of living is not that expensive so you will really find it very convenient when you are here.

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