France: Most Romantic Place for Retirees

Eiffel Tower Paris FranceNumerous movies showcasing France could give us a picture of how beautiful this place is. Indeed it is a beautiful country as it has always belonged to the best places to retire in the world. But based on the accounts and affirmations of the majority of tourists, France is not only a great place to spend retirement but is the most romantic place here on Earth. Let us learn about the best places to retire in France.

Aside from beautiful, attractive, and even seductive women, prominent and world known novelists, playwrights or dramatists, painters or artists, actors and actresses come from France, the land where love, beauty, and truth are living forever.

France is the largest country in Western Europe and has many different landscapes and ways of life. High mountains provide the borders with Italy and Spain, making it the most strategic place for retirees within the Western portion of Europe.

The Alps include the peaks like Mount Blanc and the snow-fields attract many skiers in winter. Also most of its National parks in the Alps and also in the Pyrenees are frequently visited by tourists not just annually but every month.

Among of the beautiful places recommended in France, the most romantic place for retirement, of course is Paris— a city that most if not all should at least visit and preferably live in for a time, at least once in his life. You can find something favorable to say about almost any large city, but there is no other city, which receives the acclaim honoring Paris, especially its Eiffel tower and the Moulin Rouge.

Moreover, there’s the Riviera that stretches from Marseilles to the Italian border about a hundred and twenty miles by road. The capital is very lively as well as very hospitable; thus, France is now considered by many tourists as the most desirable if not one of the best places to retire.

According to France’s tourism office Riviera’s beach is very pebbly that it is almost impossible to walk barefooted down to the water. It can be noted that the city is considerably large for this romantic portion of the world. The Riviera, is in some ways as popular to tourists just like Paris.

Cannes is the next largest town known internationally for its excellent harbor, which is usually loaded with yachts and even the big liners from New York stop here to disgorge most if not all of the travelers.

France’s longest river, the Leire, rises in the high plateau of the center. Here are the extinct volcanoes, which according to most of the tourists from America, Africa, and Europe, the most beautiful scene to behold. You can see how all these extinct volcanoes form the conical peaks of Auveryne and deep gorges where the river Tern cuts through dry limestone uplands known as Causses.

Peaceful and relatively more convenient and relaxing places including smaller uplands of the forested Vosges in the east and the moorlands of Brittany in the north-west. Elsewhere there are many vast wide plains most extensive of course are the Paris Basin and the fast becoming popular Aquitaine resort around the city of Bordeaux.

However, just like Japan and other leading states in America and England the prices of commodities, rents, and the like are considerably expensive. But thanks to its romantic environment, people from all over the world continue to love and adore France. With that it will continue to be the most romantic, or even will become the most loved of the best places to retire across the globe.

rocks off the coast of Brittany FranceFrance has some famous breeds of cattle that consist of pale-coated Charolais and the rich and copious Brown Limousin, which are all exported to many other countries. All these are but to the admiration of European tourists for in spite of some rugged and mountainous portion of France, many international tourists frequent to experience the lifestyle of local folks. All of these tourists enjoy witnessing France’s dairy cows, where most of it on the lush pastures of the north-west that produce milk for the cities and for cheeses such Brie and Cannenbert for which France, the most romantic and one of the best places to retire is known for.

For majority of American retirees, France is the country that first comes to mind when retiring abroad because of its vast and diverse range of offerings to the person wishing for the good things in life.

Scenically and climatically France rivals or surpasses its neighboring countries. Many historians considered France as the cultural leader of the world. Paris, her capital, is so widely known and loved as the “City of Light and more display of love”. The French Riviera, the Cote d’Azur, probably boasts more retired foreigners than any other countries that claim as the best places to retire in the world.

Now you know more about the best places to retire in France – one of the top places in the world.

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