Cost of Living Around The World

Living in another country is one thing that most people dream of. There are so many reasons why you may choose to live in another place. It may be to start a new life or just for an adventure. No matter what the reason is, you can absolutely find life in different places in the world the right one for you. It is just a matter to picking out the best environment that you prefer.

Have you thought about the cost of living around the world compared to the United States? This is one factor that can help you or hurt you when you are planning to retire abroad.

One of the biggest factors when choosing a new place to live in is the cost of living. Since money is such an important thing these days, you need to know how convenient it is to live with a certain budget on hand. This will allow you to evaluate if that country is the right place for you. When considering the cost of living of a certain place, you need to take into consider some expenses. These include the housing or rental costs, food expense, transportation cost, healthcare expenses and even the clothing expenses. Once you have an estimated cost that you will have per month, it will be easier to budget your money when you live in these places. Here are some countries where you can consider living in and the corresponding costs that you may have.

Comparing the cost of living around the world:


Cost Of Living In Australia

Australian National ParkAustralia is one unique place where you can enjoy life. Australia has a unique characteristic of being both a country and a continent. As you can expect from its size, life here is very diverse. With the wildlife, the Outback, Open House in Sydney, Sydney Harbour and the Uluru, you will find this such an interesting place to be in. But life in Australia is not just about the wonderful views that you get to see here.

Life in Australia is one of the best. Comparing it to other countries, their economy, politics, civil freedom, healthcare and life expectancy are doing well. Speaking of the economy, Australia is considered as one major economic power in the world. The currency that it is using now is the Australian dollar (AUD). Current exchange rate for it is at 1 AUD is equivalent to 0.63 EUR and 0.925 USD. The cost of living in this country is actually cheaper compared to these countries which makes it an ideal place for most. Some places where people choose to live here are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

If you are considering living in this place, you can survive in Australia with at least $800 AUD to $1000 AUD per month. This will include rent, transportation, monthly utilities, food and drinks, healthcare and clothing expense. While maid services are optional, you can choose to do chores on your own rather than spend for this which is very expensive in Australia. Apartment rentals are quite common when you are here in Australia so you can find a cheap place to stay which can cost around $500 or less. As for other expenses, you can always find cheaper alternatives that will lessen your costs. You can guarantee that your life will be amazing here in Australia with so much in store for you, you will definitely have a great time!


Cost Of Living In France

France is not only a famous spot for tourists but it is also a great place to move in. You will get to see the different landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, French Riviera, Disneyland Paris, Louvre Museum and the Palace of Versailles. Visiting this place seems like a dream for most but living here is something else. In a beautiful place such as this, you will find life to be very exciting for you.

Before deciding to stay here, you need to know that living in France is probably one of the most expensive countries in Western Europe. Living here is really a luxury for most people. The currency used in France is the Euro (EUR, €). The exchange rate of the Euro is 1 EUR is equivalent to 1.45 USD.

When you live here, be ready to spend at least €1500 per month. This is a pretty expensive price but this will already cover the rent, food, clothing expense, maid services and transportation costs. A cheap apartment costs around €500 at least and prices increase depending on where you want to rent one. As for transportation, public transportation is available in France and it can cost you around €40 per month. Food is also something that you can enjoy here for only €200 per month. Healthcare is quite affordable since each consultation will cost around €21 per visit. Cost of living in France is quite expensive but it is definitely worth it.


Cost Of Living In Germany

Germany is one of the biggest economic powers in the world. As the world’s largest exporter, you can expect that the economy of Germany is doing well. This has developed in a high standard of living for the residents in this place. The advantage of living in Germany is the safety that people have here. The environment is greatly preserved and valued in this place making it such a scenic country with a lot of seacoasts, national parks, mountains and forests.

Germany is still part of the Eurozone making use of the Euro (EUR, €) as their currency. As with most European Countries, you can expect that the cost of living here is very high. One thing is guaranteed when living here and that is that residents will experience a good quality of life here. Monthly costs will amount to around €800 to €1000 per month. The only challenge is to be able to live under a budget. It is very important to budget your rental, food costs, utilities and your healthcare costs. There are apartment rentals for €300 which is already cheap considering that you are in Germany. Paying for food will cost around €150 per month including eating out in restaurants and fast food chains. Expect utilities to cost around €200 per month inclusive of electricity, water, internet and telephone expenses. Transportation is very important though there are a lot of public transportations available here. It does not really cost a lot when you want to go from one place to another especially with the German Bahn Card which provides discounts for train rides here. No matter what it takes, you will always find cheaper alternatives to living here in Germany.

New Zealand

Cost Of Living In New Zealand

Raglan Sand Beach New ZealandMost people recognize New Zealand because of its beauty. People have always dreamt of taking a relaxing vacation in this scenic location. There are a lot of mountains, rivers, lakes and canopies that make this place wonderful. New Zealand is not a popular choice when it comes to choosing a place to permanently live in, but the accommodations are pretty amazing. This place has a lot of modern facilities, urbanized areas and public transportations. This is a good place to live in because of the high rankings when it comes to life expectancy, the quality of life, education, business, lack of corruption and human development.

New Zealand has its own currency, the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). Its value is $1 NZD equivalent to 0.74 USD and 0.51 EUR. Since the location of New Zealand is quite isolated, cost of living here can be expected to be high. Not all of the commodities here are expensive, but for most, these will have a higher price compared to US and Europe.

Housing is pretty cheap when you stay in New Zealand. This encourages tourists and other immigrants to stay in this country. Apartments for rent can go as low as $200 NZD per month which is really cheaper. As for transportation, you can survive a month with only $50 NZD and still be able to go around New Zealand. Food and drinks may cost you a bit more at $500 to $1000 NZD per month. Electricity and other utilities cost at least $80 NZD with full use of the appliances at home. Healthcare in New Zealand is one of the best. Typically, a consultation may cost around $50 NZD though children get free healthcare services here. Living in New Zealand may more or less cost around $600 to $1000 NZD per month and this is even more than enough for what you need here. Enjoy a calm and relaxing life in this place.


Cost Of Living In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the countries that have an ideal location. Landlocked by France, Italy, Germany and Austria, this place is quite accessible. Famous for the Swiss Alps, many tourists go here to take view of this landscape. This place is not only famous to tourists but also for immigrants. Since Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world, the economy is doing great here. This has resulted in providing the residents with a great quality of life.

The economy of Switzerland is a stable, modern and capitalist one which makes it one of the strongest financial powers in the while world. The currency that they use here is the Swiss Franc (CHF). The value of 1 CHF is equivalent to 0.68 EUR and 0.98 USD. Cost of living can be as high as you expect here but you can already get the best life when you are here.

Monthly, you would need to spend around 3000 CHF per month when you live here in Switzerland. The average apartment rental rate is at 2000 CHF to 4500 CHF but there are loads of cheaper apartment in smaller towns. The cost of utilities here can reach as high as 900 CHF per month depending on the use of electricity and water. Included in these are the internet bills, telephone bill and cable TV. Food Expenses cost around 1600 CHF per month including groceries and eating out. Maid services are quite rare here and will really cost a lot. For a month’s salary, maids are paid 3000 CHF. It is very expensive to live in this place, but if you can afford it, life here is really worth it. Make sure that you budget whenever you choose to live here.


Cost Of Living In Belgium

Belgium is a densely populated country in Western Europe. Immigrants and residents here are affected by the different issues that urbanization has brought here. Life here is not as complicated as you may think. In fact, staying here is one exciting adventure for you. It is time to get rid of the image that life here is very boring. Explore this place and see the New Magritte Museum, LA Grand’ Place and the rest of Brussels.

Belgium is one of the largest importers of raw goods to manufacture them as the final product that they export. Their agricultural industry is also doing great here. Overall, the economy of this country is doing pretty well. Since this is the case, the cost of living in Belgium is quite high. You need to be prepared for the costs that you would have to incur when you start moving in this place.

The price of apartment rentals depends on the location here. Apartments in the city center cost more than the ones outside. Cheaper apartments cost around €500 to 1000 per month and for the more expensive ones, these can go as high as thousands of Euros. For transportation, it is estimated that you may need to spend around €100 per month for commuting. Health is something that is taken seriously in Belgium with the best doctors all over the world. The consultation fee of doctors is around €55 on the average. Food expenses may not really cost that much because you can spend at the most €150 per month for groceries. Monthly utilities may cost you €100 per month inclusive of the telephone and the internet bills that you have to pay for. Other expenses such as shopping for clothes and maid services are optional here. You can choose to spend or to save on these things. Living here, you may need a monthly allowance of at least €700 per month and still be able to pay for all of the things that you will need.


Cost Of Living In Canada

Canada is one of the top choices for immigrants when it comes to choosing a place to live. Life here is pretty peaceful and very appealing for most. As the largest country in the whole of North America, this is also one of the richest countries in the globe. Canada is a nice place where you can choose to live a new life since it is a very stable country economically, politically and socially. With the vast geography, countless of resources and opportunities here, people from all over the world choose to live here. This adds to more excitement since it will give you a chance to learn about other cultures when you are here in Canada.

It seems like living n Canada is not a problem. The truth is, life here is very enjoyable. Choosing to live here may be one of the wisest decisions that you will ever make. With the stable life that you can expect here, the cost of living is quite low here in Canada at around 15% to 30% lower than the United States. Housing will always be the biggest expense that you will have here in Canada. There are always cheaper housing units that you can rent here like apartments that cost at least $250 CAD to $400 CAD per month which is practically cheap. As for your transportation, it can only cost your around $60 per month and bus fares are really cheap at around $3 per one way ticket. Spending for monthly utilities is not a problem since you may have to pay $100 CAD per month only including the electricity, internet, water and the telephone bill.

Food and shopping are very cheap here. You can spend around $150 for food including groceries and eating out per month. Shopping for clothes can be done on a budget with so many department stores that sell clothes for very cheap prices. You can at least spend $100 and buy a lot. This will only take up 5% of your income monthly which is not that big. Healthcare is one thing that it really worth it. With 71% of healthcare expenses funded by the government, it is very convenient here. Health insurance costs $100 CAD per month excluding monthly fees at around $50 CAD per month.

Living in Canada is such a great decision for you. With a very affordable cost of living, there is no doubt that people choose to live here. Canada uses the Canadian Dollar (CAD) which is equivalent to 0.97 USD and .67 EUR.


Cost Of Living In Italy

Summer in ItalyItaly is probably the most beautiful places that you will ever go to. If you are not aware, this is where you can find the infamous leaning Tower of Pisa, countless of islands, beaches, museums and vineyards all over. There is no other country in the world that will be perfect for defining beauty such as Italy. Besides from these, Italy has a very strong and stable economy as it ranks 7th worldwide. Known for luxury fashion, cars and jewelry, Italy has may a name for itself when it comes to these kinds of businesses.

Italy uses the Euro as their currency so more or less you will have an idea on how the standard of living is here. To give you an idea, tourists spend around €100 per day in Italy. For living here, you are going to spend way more than they do. Renting apartments here costs around €800 to €1000 per month for the cheaper units. Transportation on the other hands may cost around €150 per month depending on the route that you plan on taking when you are here. But monthly passes for buses may cost around €35 each which saves so much. As for the monthly utilities, people living here pay €250 to €400 per month.

Italy has one of the best cuisines that you will ever taste. It is rather unlikely that you will be able to resist eating here. Food expense is around €200 per month for groceries. Eating out may cost you around €50 to €100 per meal. Health insurance is something that is needed in life; it may cost you a monthly payment of €200 per month. Shopping here is a luxury. With €200, you can already buy clothes with excellent quality but for branded clothes, you need to set a higher budget for it. Living in Italy will cost your around at least €200 per month for all the things that you need here. Though this is a very expensive place to live in, you can always expect the best of life provided for you.


Cost Of Living In Luxembourg

Though a small country, there is more to life when you are here in Luxembourg. It is located in the middle of Belgium, Germany and France which is a cross in between different cultures. This makes life a lot more exciting here in Luxembourg. The economy of Luxembourg is doing great with a stable steel and agricultural industry. This has brought a high-income economy with low inflation and unemployment rate. The currency used by residents here is the Euro (€) so life here is a bit expensive but definitely worth it.

Finding a cheap rental apartment is not an impossible job here in Luxembourg. Since most residents find it very practical, they rather rent than buy their own home. Renting an apartment can cost you as low as €600 to €2500 depending on the location and the size of the apartment that you are going to rent. Transportation costs are affordable when you stay here. A monthly pass costs around €40 so you can set around €90 per month here considering that you have to spend for taxis and other public transportation routes.

Monthly utilities are paid at €120 per month here. Included in this fee are the electricity, water and other bills that you have to pay per month. Food expense will cost around €400 per month here for just the groceries. If you decide to eat out, the meals cot around €20 to €50 per person. Healthcare expenses will not really cost you a lot because hospitals here have an agreement with the CMO which allows them to provide free treatments here. You can at least set your monthly budget when you live in Luxembourg at €1500 per month. This may be a little but expensive but if you live in Luxembourg; you will have a great life here.

United States of America

Cost Of Living In United States

cost of living around the world may be cheaper than New YorkIt is a known fact that there are a lot of immigrants that can be found in the United States. Known as the “land of dreams” for a lot of people, they choose to live in this place believing that they will be able to find the kind of life that they desire. Through the years, the US has become a melting pot of all cultures with the great number of immigrants residing here. What makes this country such an interesting place is the large land area that it occupies. Life in the different states is very diverse that you’d be surprised at how their culture, economy and environment vary from one another. But one thing about the United States is that the USD remains as a powerful currency among other currencies. Comparing it with other currencies, the value of $1 USD is equivalent to .70 EUR.

Real estate will be least of your problems here in the US. Apartment rentals can cost you as low as $100 to $250 per unit. High-end apartments cost around $1000 to $3000 per month but you do not have to spend this much when you live here. Just pick a location that is accessible and easier for you and you will find an affordable apartment there. Transportation is not a problem here. You can find taxi cabs, buses and trains that you can access here. You can spend around $3 for a one way ticket but there are monthly passes that you can purchase. But living here, you would have to spend around €150 per month for your transportation expenses.

Monthly utilities may cost around $95 at least. This depends on the electricity use because your electric bill may cost as low as $50 per month. Other bills include internet, telephone bills and mobile phone fees for your utilities. You do not need to worry about food here because you will be able to live with a $300 budget for your food and drink expenses. Health insurance is very important because some hospital bills may be very expensive. Expect to pay around $150 to $250 a month for your health insurance. For a month, you can expect to live with a €600 budget. There is no need to worry about because budgeting is very easy when you live in the United States. You can get the best deals for everything especially if you really want to save money.

Country Cost Of Living Around The World

Now you have a better idea of what it costs to live around the world compared to the United States. Your next step is to see where your retirement savings, retirement investments, pension and Social Security checks will allow you to live to the fullest.