Brazil — One of the Best Places To Retire For Singles

meet-Brazilian-men-and-women-on-the-beachBrazil is so full of life and that is the main reason it is ideal for single retirees. Being on retirement doesn’t mean that you’re old and gray and sick.

It is the largest country in South America and fifth largest in the world. You can visit Rio de Janeiro to get a full experience of life in Brazil.

You may have become newly single due to a divorce or even a widow. You can still find love no matter what your age or where you live.

These days, retirement means you’ve earned or invested enough to stop working. Now it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy it. Now it’s time to do all the things you’ve been meaning to do all your life.

Whether you’re a young, single retiree or a traditional, single retiree (those who worked till 60 and living off mainly on their pension), there are plenty of things to do and enjoy in this vibrant place.

For traditional retirees, aged 50 and above, you have to show proof that you are getting at least US$2,000 a month as pension before their government will allow you to reside there. A pensioner receiving US$2,000 a month can have unlimited number of dependents who can also be entitled to apply for permanent visas. You just need to show proof that indeed they are your genuine dependents and/or real relatives.

Depending on the number of dependents that you want to bring in, you will be asked by the Brazilian government to furnish additional funding for each (US$1,000 per additional dependent). But that is no big deal, isn’t it? Realizing the kind of life that you will spend here, every dollar is worth it. It’s proximity to US makes it a great place to invite your family and friends from there to party with you in Brazil.

When not hosting family reunions and parties, you can lose yourself in Brazil’s natural beauty. As the fifth largest country in the world, there will be enough places to visit and explore until you host your next reunion.

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