5 Best Places To Retire For Singles & Newly Divorced

single-latinasIf you’re looking for an affordable retirement place with maximum activities for your retirement consider living out of your home country.

There are places around the world where singles and recent divorcees like you are more prone to hang out and spend their retirement years.

You can choose to stay alone and single or you can find the soulmate you’ve been looking for halfway across the world.

Who knows, you may just find that special someone you’ve been waiting your whole life for. With that said, your dollars are definitely worth more in places such as:

Mexico has always figured in the list of retirement places for many reasons. The climate, technology, first rate health care program, tax exemptions and value for money are just some of it. Read more about retiring to Mexico.

Italy makes it convenient for single retirees with money to enjoy life’s pleasures. It’s true that Italy may be on the higher end of the spectrum but every dollar spent in this scenic place is worth it. The food alone will make you feel satisfied every time you have a bite. The old world charm on the other hand gives you the feeling that you never left home. Truly a home away from home. Read more about retiring to Italy.

Brazil’s full of life and every single retiree will never run out of activities here. Exploring this vast country alone will take time. Plus the beaches, tropical climate and interesting culture will surely make you want to stay. Read more about retiring to Brazil.

France is chic all the way. From food to fashion to architecture, this place teems with possibilities. So if you’re single, this is the place to continue exploring, having small talks with your fellow retirees and simply have a great time. Read more about retiring to France.

Costa Rica is another South American country attracting single retirees to their fold. Aside from maximizing your dollar’s worth in this beautiful country, you can also enjoy political stability, relaxing environment (beaches and parks abound), tropical climate, low cost health care system and reduced taxes for foreign retirees. Read more about retiring to Costa Rica.

You may find that you may just enjoy traveling the world in your retirement and you can meet several people from all different cultures. Staying at home may be fun for a while but you may just get that itch to go out and meet new people and have fun. Be open to new experiences and it’s ok to be scared and uncomfortable – that’s how you grow and experience life more. Enjoy it, you only live once.

There are many places all over the world that you can explore, meet new people, find someone you’ve been looking for your whole life and spend the rest of your days together. And if you are newly divorced and just want to get away to a faraway land, you can do that as well.