Mexico — One of the Best Places to Retire for Singles

meet-beautiful-Mexican-women-in-MexicoThe big R – Retirement. Have you planned for it yet? Or do you think you’re too young to do so? Are you having the time of your life and you postpone planning for your retirement up until age 50?

Well think again! Retirement’s definition is not anymore for 60-year olds. It has come to mean enjoying your life after you’ve worked hard for it while you were younger, invested wisely and having the time to go around on vacations.

Why not retire to some place where your dollar will go farther and you can have more fun and explore new beautiful lands and meet beautiful men and women – Mexico. You can meet beautiful Mexican women or men who are single, divorced or widowed just like you.

They may want a companion in retirement or love or just someone to talk to. You can head south to Mexico and see what awaits you.

More and more Americans and Europeans are investing in retirement places outside their native countries. The reason is practical: their savings, investments and pension can go a long way and they can maximize their money’s worth there.

One of the favorite places to retire for singles is Mexico. And there are many reasons for this:

1. The climate. If you’ve spent most of your life shovelling snow during winters, it’s lucky break that you spend your retirement somewhere temperate. Isn’t that a welcome change?

2. Technology. Basic amenities such as high-speed internet, cable television, up-to-date home appliances can also be had here. You have convenience when you need it.

3. Money here is worth more, the US dollar having higher value than the Mexican peso. You can afford to hire helpers and buy yourself the conveniences life has to offer.

4. There’s a tax-free policy in Mexico when retirees bring in their personal belongings such as furniture and cars.

5. First rate health care program. Doctors here had their education and training from US and Europe so they are as competitive as the practitioners back home.

The bonus: You have the option to learn a foreign language. It isn’t too late to habla Español! And what could be sexier than having a young Latino stud sweep you off your feet with his romantic language and showing you new ways of love. Muy Caliente!

You can enjoy the last act of your life in Mexico, enjoy a very low cost of living compared to the US, meet people, and discover a new culture.

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