Costa Rica – One of the Best Places to Retire For Singles

see-Toucans-in-Costa-RicaCosta Rica is another South American country that is attracting both tourists and retirees. It’s really no wonder why it is so. Americans, Canadians and Europeans definitely want to flock somewhere exotic, a place that has warmer weather than what they’re used to back home and where their money can go a long way. In 2007, Costa Rica hosted 1.9 million foreign visitors which made it the most visited country in the Central American region.

So what makes Costa Rica one of the best places to spend their glorious golden years?

Political stability. Democracy is alive and working in this South American country for the last 115 years. A single retiree need not worry about the protests and rallies that will disrupt the place’s laidback and calm landscape. Nor worry about a civil war erupting overnight. Of course petty crimes happen here just like in any country.

Relaxing environment. Costa Ricans put premium in taking care of their environment. Do you know that they have national parks and protected areas equal to 25 percent of its total land area? There are also rich variety of plants and animals.

Good weather. You can enjoy the beach more. And you don’t have to worry about harsh winter.

Low cost health care system. You can apply for a residency program (foreign retirees included) in Costa Rica for only US$600.

Reduced taxes are also offered on some cars and imported goods so as foreign resident you can bring in all the conveniences from your home country without paying a lot.

Costa Rica has a very low cost of living compared to the United States. As it has grown in popularity as a baby boomer retirement destination, costs have gone up.

However, you can still enjoy a high quality of living even on a modest pension or Social Security check.

You can travel, live and visit with like minded individuals and see all the wonders that Costa Rica has to offer for singles.

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