Italy — One of the Best Places to Retire for Singles

Italian-couple-on-gondolaItaly will always figure in the top list of preferred places to retire for singles or divorcees. It’s the place to be for retirees who have invested well and can live an abundant retirement.

If you want a young Italian stud to wine and dine you and sweep you off your feet, then Italy is for you. You’ve been good your whole life, now it’s time to explore your wild side.

Learn about Italy, one of the best places to live and retire for singles, divorcees, and widows. You are a baby boomer so you will no doubt be in one of these transitions in your life. You can start a new life abroad. You can reinvent yourself and try something you’ve never done before.

It’s not for everyone though. Euro is worth more than the US dollars. But if you can afford it, Italy will make your retirement years as vibrant and enjoyable as when you were younger.

Only now, you can just sit back, relax and just go around without cares about tomorrow’s tasks at work. Living here is enjoying “la dolce vita.”

Italians know how to live well and passionately. They have great food. Chic fashion. Fantastic architecture. And a lot of places you can enjoy. You can just walk around and explore. Have a taste of every pizza and pasta available. Buy all the cheeses you want. Visit the countryside and enjoy the scenic landscape.

Italy is so pleasing to the eye because the works of its famous artists abound the place. Italians love to look good as well. Aside from their olive oil-rich diet, they also naturally look so fashionable and it goes for all ages. It wouldn’t be hard to find people your age to bond with and spend time with. You can play golf, travel together and even learn some secret recipes from them. Wouldn’t that be great?

Health care is also good in this part. Having the 7th largest economy in the world, Italy has invested in their hospitals and medical personnel to make sure that its residents are well taken care of.

La dolce vita doesn’t come cheap but if you can afford it, it will be money well spent. We said best places to retire, not cheap places to retire. Find the passion you’ve been searching for your whole life.

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